Charts for Navigating a Rigged Market

With SmartFlow, we turned $139k into $10 million in real world profits*

*Does not include commissions and taxes. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Industry-disruptive tech

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Smart Money

Smart Money isn’t limited to options and the dark pool. Finally see the missing piece.

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Predictive over multiple time
frames, for day traders and swing traders.

Graph comparing Stocks value, reflecting backtested trading strategies in trading.

Backtested and forward-tested

Backtested and forward-tested leading indicators with proven, durable, real-world results.

Real-time insights for all NYSE and Nasdaq tickers

See the action before it happens

SmartFlow and Manipulation

Visual representation of bitcoin price chart with Smart Flow Trading indicator.

For the first time, catch real-time covert Smart Money activity visualized in a clear, immediately actionable form. Our forward-tested proprietary algorithm used to turn $139k into $10 million.

Features include

Differentiation between
Smart Money and Retail volume
Manipulation indicator
detects market maker intent
Live data for all NYSE
and Nasdaq tickers
The same option flow as competitors, overlaid on our charts

OptionFlow and Dark Pool Prints

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See option blocks, sweeps, and splits in real-time, overlaid onto the SmartFlow chart for faster decision making. Dark pool transactions are also visualized, making support and resistance levels easy to spot. OptionFlow is also available in list form in it’s own pane.

Features include

Spot price, size, and
expiration date for all option flows
Searchable by
symbol or date
Golden Sweeps
and Bronze Sweeps
Machine learning meets big data


A screen displaying the stock market and trading, including a trading indicator for informed decision-making.

See all SmartFlow of all the individual S&P 500 constituents combined into one chart. UltraFlow processes millions of datapoints per second to deliver unprecedented insight into the largest and most liquid instrument in the market.

More features

Short Volume

Live Discord Chat

Top 10 SmartFlow Tickers

BigShort Squeeze

Spodin Internal Alerts

Top 10 Manipulation Tickers

Reveal the full picture

Option order flow on its own can be dangerously misleading, as many big options trades are simultaneously hedged by common shares in the underlying instrument.

We display equity, option, dark pool, and Smart Money positioning data within a single consolidated real-time interface, giving you complete market insight.

Visual representation of trading data with smart flow money chart.

Hedged long position

An Images shows the charts of the stock in money maker indicator

Naked long position

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Use a suite of tools developed by a market-beating quant trading firm

Our backtested and forward tested BigShort Squeeze indicator has a 90% winrate and generates outsized returns

For traders ready to advance to the next level

Better than Technicals

Traditional technical indicators are lagging, not leading. Don’t drive by looking at the rearview mirror.

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Better than Fundamentals

Fundamental analysis falls short because stock prices are arbitrarily set by irrational market participants. It can take years for fundamental price to be realized, Warren Buffett is great but he doesn’t beat the Medallion Fund.

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Better than Gurus

Most trading gurus talk up their expertise but don't show their brokerage statements. If a guru isn’t willing to provide a track record of their trades, chances are their income comes from offering advice rather than trading on that advice.

Better than Software

There are countless trading software services, but they only show you a small part of the market, like option flow. Partial vision leads to recklessly misguided confidence and preventable losses.

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