Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BigShort’s products stand out from other subscription services?
Proven and backtested leading indicators that work. Our signals have been used privately with a real-money track record that competitors can’t match.

Real-time streaming charts that visualize dark pool, option flow, and market maker manipulation data on one consolidated screen, providing a total view of the market. This visual format empowers traders to quickly interpret the magnitude and significance of incoming data, resulting in faster trading decisions.

Flexibility: gain significant real-time insight into any NYSE or Nasdaq listed ticker symbol - even small, under-the-radar stocks. Whether you're swing trading or day trading, our platform will help you time your entries and exits for maximum profits.
How does it work?
We combine cutting-edge data science and software engineering to create our suite of products. BigShort algorithms scan millions of quotes per second to deliver exclusive insights into market dynamics.
Do you guys provide futures data?
We don't have futures data, but we have users who trade futures that use our QQQ chart for NQ, or our SPY chart for ES.
Will I make a lot of money?
We're proud of the fact that many of our users consistently make thousands of dollars per day from using our product. Some of them make even more. This group includes at least a few people who had little to no trading experience prior to using BigShort, but if you fall under this category, we recommend you not to buy a BigShort subscription. This isn't an easy get-rich-quick scheme. This is a product for traders who can understand basic chart patterns, who aren't satisfied with the results of conventional indicators, and who want to get an edge with BigShort’s leading indicators. If you're just starting out as a trader, we suggest practicing on ChartGame.com - it’s free! ChartGame allows you to practice trading before risking any real money.
If your system is so good, why are you selling a subscription rather than keeping it to yourself?
I made $2.4 million last year and frankly I'm sick of being glued to the screen every day, watching every tick of a candlestick chart. I've been doing this for many years and it's exhausting. My software is the best but day trading requires my full and constant attention. My noodle-y body doesn't have the stamina for that. I should probably go to the gym so that I'm not so noodle-y anymore, at which point I'll be able to attract more dates. But in order to spend more time pumping plates and scoring dates and winning debates, I need to first create some streams of passive income, which means collecting rent from my tenants and collecting subscription fees from you.
Why don’t you create an automated trading bot?
First of all, I'm not a good enough programmer to create a neural net AI like AlphaGo. But even if I were, the stock market is a signficantly more complex game than Go and I wouldn't feel comfortable with trusting my life savings to a computer any more than I would trust my Tesla to drive me through a winding mountain road on Autopilot while I take a nap. Those of you with a Tesla know what I'm talking about. It's important to note, however, that a Tesla with driving assistance features driven by a human is still safer than a human driving without those features or a car driving without a human in it. In other words, until we achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Iron Man will defeat robots and suitless humans alike, especially in games where the outcome depends on an infinite number of heteroskedastic variables, and where information is asymmetric among the players. So be Iron Man and buy a BigShort Subscription! 😁
You're putting your money into real estate. Why should I invest into getting better at trading when I could instead invest in real estate like you?
If you're a young person with exceptional emotional intelligence and a knack for math, the fastest risk-adjusted way to turn a few thousand dollars into hundreds of thousands of dollars is by playing live poker at the casino. With that same disposition, the fastest way to turn hundreds of thousands of dollars into millions of dollars is by trading. Once you have several million dollars from trading, you should start to pivot more towards passive long-term investments such as real estate and dividend-yielding stocks, due to the decreasing marginal utility of money and the increasing marginal cost of risk. Trading is a faster and more difficult way to make money, and real estate is a slower and easier way to make money. The path you choose depends on your talents, your risk-tolerance, and how much money you already have.
Who should not buy a subscription to BigShort?
If you’re not comfortable with the idea of looking at a stock chart to help guide your trades, you should not buy BigShort. As I said in my other answer, those who have never looked at a candlestick chart before might have trouble reading our charts and using our indicators. Visual-spatial intelligence is to some degree learned and to some degree innate. There are people who can draw really well and go to art school, people who have photographic memory, and people like me who are good at playing Go, the board game. You don't need superhuman visual intelligence to read candlestick charts, but my point is that there is a surprisingly wide range of innate ability between those who find it easy and others who find it confusing. Some of our users immediately start making hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits per month without any noticeable learning curve, but I suspect that this group was already comfortable with candlestick charting and using (unprofitable) technical indicators before signing up to BigShort.
Why do you charge $37 for your two week trial?
Unlike the vast majority of other services which use filtered/consolidated price data feeds, BigShort processes raw tick-by-tick streaming data directly from the exchanges in order to provide the best possible product to our users. This is significantly more expensive and requires us to pay a per-user fee for each user who uses that data. So if we didn’t charge for trials, we would lose money on each trial subscription, which isn’t a sustainable business model.
Discord link says it's expired or invalid. What gives?
This is actually a known issue with Discord invite links. You can solve this issue by clearing the cache in your browser and clicking on the link again.