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Real-time insights for all NYSE and Nasdaq tickers

A chart displaying the price of a stock and its fluctuations, providing real-time insights into Smart Money activity.


Our forward-tested proprietary algorithm used to turn $139k into $10 million. See real-time covert Smart Money activity visualized in a clear, immediately actionable form.

A screen displaying the stock market and trading, including a trading indicator for informed decision-making.


Capitalizing on machine learning insights, UltraFlow is a big data algorithm that processes millions of datapoints per second to deliver unprecedented insight into the largest and most liquid instrument in the market.

The trading platform's dashboard displaying real-time data, including an option flow indicator.


See options blocks, sweeps, and splits in real-time, overlaid onto the SmartFlow chart for faster decision making, and in its own searchable pane. Each OptionFlow is analyzed and given a designation of bearish, bullish or neutral.

A screen shot of the realtime option flow with a Dark pool indicator.

Dark Pool Prints

Dark pool prints are large-volume backroom deals made by institutions over private exchanges. See these covert transactions visualized on our charts to easily spot support and resistance levels.

Screenshot of Spodin calling app, a closed-system price alert service that sends personalized alerts via call or text message.


Price alerts set on your brokerage account or any other service can be sold to market makers, letting them know your price targets and giving them ammunition to trade against you. Spodin is a closed-system price alert, sent only to you via call or text message.

Stoct price data visualized in graph from BigShort's Manipulation in Trading indicator.


Manipulation is an approximation of where market makers want the price to go. Our most loved signal by our day trading subscribers. See price direction being guided in real-time and follow Smart Money.

Top 10 SmartFlow Tickers: BigShort's leading trading indicator showcases the best smartflow tickets.

Top 10 SmartFlow Tickers

Immediately find the best trade setups in our list of top SmartFlow tickers, dynamically updated second by second to show our subscribers where the action is happening.

Stoct price data visualized in graph from BigShort's Manipulation in Trading indicator.

Top 10 Manipulation Lists

When Manipulation is high, Smart Money is taking a definitive stance to buy or offload their inventory. With top Manipulation lists, our subscribers are taken to these battlegrounds in real-time.

Daily Short Analysis for all Nasdaq and NYSE tickers

A screenshot of the trading platform displaying the BigShort Squeeze Indicator.

BigShort Squeeze Indicator

Our intermittent BSS signal is also known as “payday” at the office. With a forward tested and backtested 90% win rate that has generated outsized returns, this signal alone is well worth the price of our platform.

Stock market screenshot with BigShort Product Squeeze Indicator for Trading.

Short Volume Charts

When a short position is opened, an obligation is created to close out the position by buying shares or selling the derivative. Short data is an under-appreciated and under-utiltized treasure trove of actionable information. Attain unrivaled visual clarity into this profitable market niche.

The only product of its kind.